Reach Festival is a biennial event and will next take place on either a Saturday or Sunday in September 2018.

Reach Festival was held for the first time on Saturday the 24th of September, starting at 10.30am and finishing at 4.30pm.

The event showcased local handmade crafts and produce. In addition there were displays of crafts being undertaken including potting, spinning, lace making and flint knapping (the picture to the right is of Will Lord who came along). 

The stalls, craft displays, stage, and tea tent were allon Fair Green - please see our Plan.

The Village Centre had delicate crafts (e.g. wool, lace making, paper, paintings and photography), cookery demonstrations, baking competition and an autumn show.

The Church had music recitals and book readings and the Dyke's End Pub was open for drinks.

There was no entry charge for visitors, car parking was free and people also came on the bus.

It was a thoroughly lovely day.

Claire Halpin-McDonald



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